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roof shingles

Roof shingles

How to Clear Mold Off Your Roof Shingles

Roofs are (obviously) very high places, and it’s best that you are trained and have the necessary safety gear to go up on the roof. That’s why most homeowners (and us roofing companies as well!)

roof shingles

What Color Should Your Roof Be?

So when you’re having second thoughts on what roof color you should pick— more often than not, we actually worry whether we can commit to it…rather than thinking that all the shades you’ve seen are just wrong for your home.

roof shingles

Signs You Need to Hire a Roof Repair Service

The roof is the most important part of our house. It serves as the protection above our heads against all sorts of weather, ranging from the hot summer sun to the heaviest of typhoons. This is why we ensure that we install the strongest and most durable roofing for our homes, such as roof shingles, asphalt tiles, roof slates, and many more. However, as strong as these may be, they are not immune to all sorts of damages.

roof shingles

What Type of Roof Shingles are Best for Philippine Houses?

The Philippines is a tropical country located in Southeast Asia, where the archipelago experiences hot and rainy seasons within a year. Because of this, houses were designed to withstand storms, as well as withstand the heat during summer. This also includes the different roof designs that are popular in the country.