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3 Kinds of Asphalt Shingles You Should Know About

3 Kinds of Asphalt Shingles You Should Know About

Exploring Asphalt Shingles: Get Familiar with the 3 Essential Types

Have you decided on installing asphalt as your roof shingles in the Philippines? Well, we’re afraid the decision-making doesn’t stop there yet.

Spoiler alert: there are three different kinds of asphalt shingles that you still need to choose from when you talk with your roofing contractor.

And if they don’t offer you a choice… they may have limited resources. (Worse, they don’t have a clue that there are choices.) To avoid dealing with substandard roof companies, hire BITC Roof Tiles, the top-performing roof company in Luzon.

Anyway, back to the asphalt shingles… there are three types that you need to be aware of.

Otherwise, you may feel dissatisfied with how your roof would turn out— so we suggest you choose what you like the most.

1. Strip

Aka, 3-strip shingles. They’re basic design-wise, but otherwise reliable. They offer a flat roof curb appeal and don’t give much dimension if you’re into a clean, sleek look.

These are most requested in sharp modern homes and innovative buildings. A futuristic vibe, so to speak.

2. Architectural

The most common roof shingles Philippines. You see this everywhere, and this is what they first offer you when you call for an asphalt shingle installation. It’s laid out in multiple layers, so it has some dimension to it.

They’re your best bet if you want something that’s kind of in-the-middle of the spectrum, appearance-wise.

3. Luxury

Luxury asphalt shingles. With a laminated, and a deeper dimensional look: these live up to its name. Fit for luxury, these asphalt shingles are heavier and made from the highest–quality roofing materials Philippines. And while they scream ‘opulence’, and ‘affluence’, and ‘money sinkhole’: they’re actually still reasonably priced!

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