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US Tile Authentic Clay Roofing Tile

USTileMade of nature’s own earth and crafted by a special manufacturing process, US Tile Co. offers the only authentic lightweight tile available in the market Today. Our US Tile Authentic Clay Roofing Tile are produced from the finest clays and then kiln fired at temperatures reaching 1900 degrees Fahrenheit… never poured into molds or painted. The result is a beautiful, yet durable, lightweight roof tile that provides a lasting shield against the effects of the sun, wind and rain.

Fire Protection-Clay is fireproof. Our lightweight tiles are kiln-fired at 1900 Fahrenheit and feature a Class A fire rating.

Fade-Proof Performance-All US tile products are guaranteed* not to fade, streak, blotch or efflorescence. Because the color of clay tile is integral, it is unaffected by the Sun’s powerful UV Rays.

Clay is timeless-In the olden days, all roofing tiles were made of clay… Today only the best tiles are! Choose an authentic clay tile roof from US Tile and you can have the look of enduring elegance forever.

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US Tile Products

1 Piece S Tile Photo

1-Piece S Tile

The sophisticated composition of one-piece “S” clay tile accents the curvature of the roof, creating a distinct, elegant dimensional color. The covers and pans of classic barrel tile are joined into a single, strong, efficient piece that radiates the traditional clay tile appeal. US Tile® by Boral® clay tile is crafted with meticulous care. 1-Piece “S” Tile is designed to allow custom options such as boosting for that artisan inspired installation while saving time and cost, making clay tile beauty and value available at substantial savings

2 piece mission clay tile

2-Piece Mission

True two-piece Mission barrel tiles speak of history, security and luxury. With a simple, practical design that dates back to the Bronze Age, mission tiles have adorned the roofs of palaces, temples and the early missions in California. 2-Piece Mission tile is a perfect execution of a timeless tradition. Durable, colorfast and manufactured with the most modern methods and the highest standards, 2-Piece Mission tiles distinguish your home with unmatched beauty and elegance.