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UPVC Roof Tiles in the Philippines

UPVC roof tiles, in technical terms, are unplasticized polyvinyl chloride sheets made as a durable roofing material.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Yadda-yadda. Very wordy, we know. But we’re sure you don’t care about all that jargon. (That’s why there’s an acronym!)

We know that you’re more concerned about why you should choose this type of roofing and what it can do for you. And let us tell you the numerous advantages that come with installing UPVC roofing for your home, business, or property.

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The UPVC Roof Tiles Are A Choice Roofing Material For You IF You:

  • are, number one, on a tight budget;
  • don’t have time to inspect your roof every so often;
  • need durable roofing at an affordable cost;
  • want a speedy and easy roof installation ASAP;
  • prefer a variety of choices when it comes to roofing color and style; and
  • want more versatility for your roof tiles

And regarding that last part, we really mean it when we say ‘versatility’. There are a lot of different styles derived from UPVC roof tiles.

UPVC Thatch Roof

A popular example can be a UPVC thatch roof that has recently risen in popularity. It’s a remarkably useful alternative compared to the natural thatch material.

While natural thatch is very beautiful in appearance, especially if the client appreciates earthy or rural architecture— they do have their drawbacks.

While they are from sustainable raw materials and processed as such (eco-friendly for the win!), they’re not very durable. They’re usually made from straw… and are quite susceptible to decay and infestation. Thatch roofs reach their natural end after at least ten years.

A Better Function

But with UPVC Thatch Roof, you can have a reliable thatch roof material similar in appearance, but better functioning overall. It replicates the organic look of a traditional thatch material without compromising the quality.

It can also last you way longer than the normal thatch and has a proven lifespan of up to 20 years. Granted, it’s a bit more expensive in comparison— but you’ll find that PVC artificial thatch is money well-spend over time.

Tawin is a leading manufacturer of PVC materials for both roofing and paneling from Taiwan. Their products include PVC building materials, PVC compounds, and rubber materials— along with a range of other merchandise available here at BITC Roof Tiles.

The known 'Palm Flexible' thatch...

Their bestselling Tawin Palm Flexible Thatch includes two available varieties. The PVC Artificial Reed Synthetic Thatch has extensive fire-resistant features in comparison to the traditional ones. To maintain durability for rounded foundations, they’re especially flexible. Another material is Artificial Synthetic Palm Thatch Panel, which contains the same characteristics as the prior alternative.

Fangxing is an innovative building materials company in Qingdao, China that specializes in synthetic resin roofing. Although they are known for their technological advances, especially in solar photovoltaic roofs.

There is also a new option for a reliable uPVC roof sheet that is rigid, enduring, and significantly better in performance than a galvanized sheet.

BITC Only Offers Outstanding Roofing Materials

UPVC Thatch Roof is a rigid, lightweight, and weatherproof material that can stand the test of time, whether you’re a residential or commercial owner. It’s resistant to rust, inevitable corrosion, and the usual rot you see in thatch. It holds well on its own against harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and functionality that you would not get in a natural thatch setting.

It’s lightweight, easy to install, and requires little to no maintenance, unlike its other more expensive counterparts.

Variety of Styles

A thatch roof is not the only style a uPVC can replicate. uPVC roof tiles are extremely versatile and can mimic other traditional designs that were once impractical to install. Pick from a range of colors and designs here at BITC Roof Tiles!

Cost-effective Roofing

Get your very own uPVC roof installed by seasoned professionals in the Philippines. With more affordable roofing, you can be protected from the elements at a reasonable price.

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