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Cobert Clay Roof Tiles

Cobert Clay Roof TilesBITC is in partnership with a reliable supplier and manufacturer – the Cobert Clay Roof Tiles.

For decades, Tejas Cobert has been dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing clay and concrete roof tiles, Spanish roof tiles, accessories, and components for roofs, with the support of Uralita Group, our parent Company.

Tejas Cobert is the leader of the Iberian roof tile market, and is extending its coverage in the international market, as we currently export to more than 50 countries in all 5 continents.

At present, Tejas Cobert owns the latest roof tile manufacturing equipment, both in shaping and firing phases as well as the finishing phase, with state-of-the-art robots and demanding final quality controls.

The H-cassette manufacturing process is unique in Spain. It involves individual ceramic supports that keeps each roof tile isolated from the others throughout the entire process. This allows increasing kiln temperature over 1000 ºC preventing tiles from melting together while making possible to develop complex finishes.

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Cobert Products

Alicantina Photo


The value of history

Traditional design, ideal for restoration and preservation of historic buildings. Construction values of the past with the technological requirements of today.

Its lateral guides make this roof tile easy and fast to install.

Cazorla Photo


Tradition & diversity

The tone of clays after kiln, its design and functionality, make this roof tile suitable for roofs anywhere in the world. This product is available in a broad range of colours.

Curve Tile Photo

Curve Tile

Tradition and experience

Barrel roof tiles give the roof a traditional look allowing different overlap levels between the tiles. Collado curved roof tiles are made of clays considered by experts as the best for this type of manufacturing process

Klinker K2 Photo

Klinker K2

Clay roof tile ideal for extreme weather conditions

Traditional aesthetics with rustic ageing. It is a clay roof tile manufactured with H-Cassette and kiln temperature over 1,000ºC, which delivers a product of maximum resistance, minimum permeability and absorption <6%. Ideal for extreme weather condition areas.

Klinker K3 Photo

Klinker K3

Flat clay roof tile suitable for high mountain climates

Flat format and contemporary finishes. Clay roof tile suitable for extreme weather conditions and high mountain climates. It is a roof tile manufactured with H-Cassette and fired over 1,000ºC, obtaining a product of maximum mechanical resistance, minimum permeability and water absorption <6%. Ideal for extreme weather condition areas.

Klinker Meridional Photo

Klinker Merdidional

A roof tile with traditional shape but state-of-the-art technology

It is a clay roof tile fired over 1,000ºC and manufactured with H-Cassette, allowing the tiles to go over the entire manufacturing process isolated form the rest and obtaining a product of maximum mechanical resistance, minimum permeability and absorption <6%.

Logica Lusa Photo

Logica Lusa

Clay roof tile with a perfect design

Highly efficient in its water tightness performance. Clay roof tile with a traditional profile. Manufactured in H-Cassette and plaster moulds.

Logica Marselha Photo

Logica Marselha

Marselha clay roof tile ideal for renovation

Due to its traditional design, this clay roof tile is ideal for refurbishing and preserving historic buildings. Construction values from the past with the technological demands of today. Manufactured using the latest plaster mold technology and H-Cassette.

Logica Onda Photo

Logica Onda

Clay roof tile with a perfect design

Clay roof tiles manufactured on individual supports, H-cassettes and shaped with plaster molds. They have a system of perfect fitting and coupling, as well as a innovative reinforcement system on their inner face. Some of its technical features are high durability, mechanical resistance, reduced water absorption (less than 5%), free of warps and excellent behavior in humid, raining or very cold weather conditions.

Outstanding aesthetics especially designed for your market, with carefully rounded lines. Exclusive details for a high quality roof tile.

Logica Plana Photo

Logica Plana

The perfect fitting for a flat clay roof tile

The most advanced clay roof tile manufacturing technology. Manufactured in H-cassettes with plaster moulds; they have the best fitting system with reinforced nerves on their inner face. This product provides high durability, reduced water absorption of 5% and total flatness. Carefully designed modern aesthetics with broad lines and marked angles, in line with a contemporary architecture.

Meridional Photo


Small format and easy to install

Its longitudinal and transversal double fit and its frontal tier profile provide water tightness both in horizontal and vertical rows.