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Spanish Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Looking for authentic Spanish roof tiles Philippines, imported directly from Spain? Searching for the perfect Spanish roofing for your home has never been easier with BITC Roof Tiles.

Let us tell you a short detail about the enduring beauty of Spanish roof tiles in the heart of the Philippines wherein a deeper history intertwines within the architectural marvels of these roof tiles. These roofing tile treasures possess their distinctive, as well as its smooth rising and falling curves with a touch of rustic allure, that etched its mark on the Philippine landscape for centuries. 

This is evident from the cobblestone streets of Intramuros to the quaint villages of Vigan City, and these roof tiles narrate a story of Spanish colonial influence, standing as a living testament to a bygone era.

If you’re inspired by Spanish architecture, it’s only natural that you’d want genuine international roofing materials for your property as well. And in BITC Roof Tiles, we don’t cut corners. We only supply the highest quality commercial Spanish roofing materials.

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Tejas Cobert is the leading company in the manufacture of caliber roofing materials in the Iberian market. The more popular Cobert clay roof tiles, in particular, have been gaining international recognition and popularity for their innovative manufacturing process, not to mention, their traditional appearance and practical functionality for most homeowners and other roofing projects.

With the latest manufacturing equipment, Tejas Cobert produces the highest standard roof tiles, in addition to their developed manufacturing process that makes the Cobert Clay roof tiles the absolute sensation it is today.

H-cassette manufacturing is a technique that is only particularly used in Spain, where ceramic supports keep the tiles separated from each other to be able to make complex polishings in the finished product. This achieves the unique appearance of Spanish roof tiles!

Lucky for you, BITC Roof Tiles is in partnership with Tejas Cobert for the direct exportation of clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles to you in the Philippines. Rest assured, they’re legitimate, legal, and the best you can get in the country!



Curve Tile

Curve Tile



Logica Marselha

Logica Marselha



Cobert Clay Spanish Roof Tiles

There are a lot of benefits to clay roof tiles, especially the Cobert Clay roof tiles. They’re held to such a high standard that the benefits you get from these compared to standard clay roof tiles are just… ten times better.

And no, we’re definitely not exaggerating. The state of our clients’ roofing stands testament to the durability and longevity of these Spanish clay roof tiles Philippines.

A Century in the Making…

Did you know that Spanish clay roof tiles last up to 100 years or so, at the very least? Yeah, when it comes to this kind of roofing, we expect them to last more than a century… practically a lifetime! Using Cobert Clay roof tiles, its long lifespan is a given. 

With proper roof installation by BITC Roof tiles from the get-go (correct installation is critical to its longevity), you’ll get the most out of what you paid for. And with proper and regular maintenance, you can extend its serviceability by a very long shot.

Minimal maintenance…

But even so… maintenance with clay roof tiles isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not to say roofing maintenance is merely a suggestion, it’s actually very important! It’s just that some roofing materials require you to perform roof inspections every once in a while (often), just to make sure everything is as it should be. (This is just code that the roofing material installed is… delicate. A nice way to put it.)

But Spanish roof tiles are robust. They only ever need real repairs when damaged during the effects of extreme weather conditions, but in most cases, they hold well enough on their own. They’re durable, well-insulated, and won’t ever rot or decay in their lifetime.

Traditional curb appeal…

Love the look of traditional, rustic architecture? These Spanish roof tiles are the best pick for an old soul. In terms of design, it’s a classic. Hues of brown, red, and gray dominate the clay roof tile industry, although there are still many to choose from if you look hard enough. Although there is a variety of tile finishes that you can choose from. 

Tiles from Tejas Cobert stick true to their roots, offering homeowners an old-fashioned yet timeless approach to their curb appeal. We’re an international roofing supplier… we’ve seen a lot. But we all agree that Spanish roof tiles Philippines definitely have their own unique charm!


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