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European Clay Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Europe is the land of rich and diverse architecture, specifically known for its historical and cultural architectural style that carries on in even in modern edifices, as seen in many European clay roof tiles around the world.

A lot of our current structural designs were once heavily inspired by European influences, particularly from Spain. Although Philippine structures have evolved, there are still European touches that produce a unique blend of building designs… and they’re especially evident in our roofing.

A majority of Filipinos prefer European roof tiles in their own roofing installation, both in residential and commercial settings.

BITC Roof Tiles has been in the roofing distribution industry for a long time already, and we’ve definitely seen this partiality with our dear clients.

And honestly, can we blame them? European roof tiles are known for their durability, reliability, and not to mention, the romantic and earthy ambiance they offer to every home. They have strong properties, a beautiful layout, and peak performance that can last you up to a century. The clay material crafted by top roofing tile manufacturers in Europe is derived from the earth so it’s also sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Get To Know European Clay Roofs

In terms of first-rate roofing materials, European roof tiles aren’t one to fall behind. In a traditional sense, European clay roofing classics like Terracotta and Mediterranean-style roofing dominate the industry, even as more modern options come into play. A true testament to their longevity and timelessness that transcends the centuries that have passed.

But, of course, to each their own. Some may prefer other roofing materials over traditional clay, and some the opposite. It’s all a matter of what you’re looking for and what your priorities are when looking for the perfect roof tile.

Families and businesses have different value systems. Some people prefer newer materials, and some people prefer the tried and trusted route.

A European Clay Roofing May Be Right For You If:

  • want your roofing to surpass 100 years,
  • prefer intricate and elegant designs instead of flat and streamlined,
  • don’t plan on replacing your roof, like, ever,
  • like grand and sweeping architecture,
  • have a rustic and traditional home design,
  • envision a charming curb appeal,
  • have a strong foundational structure (clay is heavy!), or
  • already secured a bigger budget for your roofing installation.

Your Very Own Mediterranean-Terracotta-inspired Roofing

When it comes to European roofing, Mediterranean roofs are the poster child for their vibrant and aesthetic grandeur. With the image of the sun shining down on these terracotta roof tiles, we’d be hard-pressed to find a more pleasing sight… especially one’s that so compatible with the constantly changing weather we experience in the country.

Clay roofing is especially well-suited for the Philippine climate since it offers good insulation for the hot and dry summers we experience, and is also able to adequately resist moisture during the wet seasons.

The leading manufacturer of clay roof tiles in the Iberian market— and now made available by BITC Roof Tiles to customers in the Philippines—- the Cobert Clay roof tiles are one of the most popular roofing materials when it comes to European clay roofing fantasy.

Tejas Cobert dominates the market with the latest manufacturing technology, specifically with the H-cassette technique unique to Spain. This can solve common design and functionality irregularities commonly seen in clay roofing.

With numerous traditional and evolved roof tile styles at your disposal, you would only have to choose from our extensive list of Cobert products to find your perfect European roof tile.

If you’re looking to deviate from the clay train, but still want authentic roof shingles from Europe… Tegola roof tiles are your answer. Founded in Italy, these European roof tiles specialize in photovoltaic tiles and bituminous tiles— taking on a more innovative approach to traditional roofing.

Advantages of a European Clay Roof:

  • Long-lasting, can have an expected lifespan of more than a century if maintained regularly,
  • Fire-resistant,
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions, not likely to break,
  • Have natural insulation properties, lowers your energy bills in the long run,
  • Resists insect infestation, and
  • Can increase property value
Bring Europe to Your Residence

Looking for a legit roofing distributor that imports European roof tiles straight from the manufacturers? Halt the search! BITC Roof Tiles is committed to bringing you authentic international roof tiles in the country, building your very own bit of culture.

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