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Highest Rated Roof Tiles Supplier in the Philippines

“The Distinctive Natural Choice”

Architects, homeowners, college universities, business developers, and government agencies have turned to BITC for strikingly stunning architectural clay roof tile products for over 20 years. Our clay roof tile, slate roof tiles, Tegula roof tile, Terracotta roofing, stone coated roof, Spanish roof tiles, and Japanese tile roof goods, imported worldwide, are infinitely customizable and bear the test of time. BITC roofing tile system, chosen to adorn thousands of historic and newly constructed buildings all around the Philippines, is of the highest quality possible with up to 75-year Limited Warranty.

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Architects & Partners Tour

Visit BITC Roof Tiles company’s several on-site locations & our manufacturing partners abroad. You will get an up-close, in-depth look at our proprietary roofing system. Imagine viewing your chosen product’s origin abroad. Start with the raw material grinding process, to extrusion, glazing, firing, packaging, and shipping. Now, experience our receiving facilities here in the Philippines. You will have the ability to observe BITC techniques and customizations for your projects. BITC is the Philippines’ roof tile supplier that distributes Japanese roofing, Tegula roof tiles, roof shingles, asphalt shingles, stone coated roofing, tile span roof prices in the Philippines, and others.

Worldwide Experience

Having worldwide connections from Europe, the USA, and Asia helps us access essential know-how regarding the latest practice-sharing in the roof-tile industry.

Diverse Team

For decades, our licensed and experienced engineers and architects down to our staff turned dreams and thoughts into realities.

High Quality

Design, materials, and durability count. We fully understand the value of having the finest roofing materials in making your inspirations to reality.

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What Type of Roofing Tiles Should You Choose?

  • Metal Tiles – add reinforcements to the roof deck
  • Copper Tiles – last more than a century
  • Stone Tiles – give pleasant colors and last up to century
  • Ceramic Tiles – fireproofing abilities
  • Polymer-Sand Tiles – requires little maintenance
  • Composite Tiles – reinforce heavy roofing materials
  • Bituminous Tiles – reduce leaks
  • Concrete Tiles – less likely to have breakage

How to Save at Least 20% on Your Next Roof Tiles?

  • Look for on-sale and rebates-offering materials
  • Lower bids happen when contractors aren’t busy
  • Ask for competing estimates
  • Trade or barter
  • Look for coupons
  • Make use of your insurance claim
Are you interested in finding more ways to get a great deal in tile roofing? Call us now at (02) 397-9784. BITC is the Philippines’ roof tile supplier that distributes Japanese roofing, Tegula roof tiles, roof shingles, asphalt shingles, Spanish roofing tiles, and all others. As #1 Roof tiles distributor in the Philippines, we provide a wide range of choices with the best price while turning your real-estate development into a modern-looking one. 

How to Choose Roof Tile Contractors?

Craftsmanship and techniques to handle tile roofing projects are essential, so make sure to look for this qualification: 

  1. Is bonded, insured & licensed 
  2. More than ten years of experience in roof tiling in multiple projects
  3. Manage stage tile roofing projects which call for installation and parallel tear-off
  4. Deal with insurance companies for the damage claims
  5. Give 75 years limited warranties

BITC Roof Tiles contractors assure you that those qualifications are ticked in. The company provides the best tile roofing systems that can last for a lifetime in the Philippines. Do you need roof tile help? Contact us at (02) 397-9784 for a free inspection, estimates, or assessment. 

BITC Sample Roof

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