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Tejas Cobert Roof Tiles: The Environmentally-Conscious Choice

Tejas Cobert Roof Tiles: The Environmentally-Conscious Choice

Why Choose Tejas Cobert Roof Tiles For Your Next Roofing Project?

Are you conscious of your environmental footprint? Want to make the necessary steps to be a responsible and sustainable homeowner? Well, Tejas Cobert and their world-famous clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles have the answer for you.

For decades, Tejas Cobert has dedicated himself to the manufacture of clay and concrete roofing tiles using novel techniques and technology, producing quality commercialized clay roof tiles— now made available to you in the Philippines through BITC Roof Tiles as a distributor.

What are the best sustainable roofing material Philippines you can get right now?

There are two answers that are perfect for the Philippine climate, and the best part is— they’re accessible to us too! And even better— Tejas Cobert, the leader of the Iberian tile market produces them!

1. Clay Roof Tiles

There are tons of roofing material choices ranging from thatch to metal… but none are quite as environmentally friendly as clay material! Clay is sourced and quite literally made from earth, and it’s not uncommon for roofs with material to last you a century. Most clay roof tile distributors offer long warranties as an attestation to their durability.

Clay roof tiles can be made from recycled materials, and can be recycled after they serve their purpose. Now that’s what we call all-natural, made better with Tejas Cobert H-cassette manufacturing technology.

2. Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete material usually makes for heavy roof tiles, but they’re actually pretty solid! Pun intended, but they’re actually commonly used since they absorb heat from the sun, so they keep you cool during hot seasons.

Fun fact: some of the materials in concrete should be recycled, as well. After a concrete tile’s lifespan— they’re crushed and made into concrete roof tiles again!

Pretty cool that we have a choice to be sustainable now, right? For eco-friendly and technologically-developed Tejas Cobert tiles, contact BITC Roof Tiles today and get yours now for your next roofing project!

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