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5 Reasons To Hire A BITC Clay Roof Tile Specialist For Your Next Real Estate Development

Clay Roof Tiles Philippines

Why BITC Tops as the Best Clay Roof Tile Specialist in the Philippines

Clay is one of the most in-demand and versatile roof tile choices for building homes and other structures. This type of tile has it all, really – the long-lasting capabilities, different clay roof tile styles you can come up with, easy to maintain, and the best of all: it brings a luxurious touch to your property. What more can you ask?

And right now, you’re probably considering having them in your upcoming development.

But here’s a pro-tip: you need to have a clay roof tiles specialist handle the installation. Like us at BITC Roof Tiles! Our team is one of the most renowned in the local scene for roof tiles, and clay roofing tiles just so happened to be our top specialty.

If you're still unsure about the why's, here are more reasons to convince you to hire a BITC Roof Tiles specialist for your next real estate project.

1. More knowledgeable than ordinary roofers.

As clay roof tile specialists, we have to live up to our title – and we do! You can consult us on just about anything clay roof-related, and we’ll give you information that fits perfectly in your project. Compared to the usual roofers with just a general knowledge of every type, you are more than guaranteed to get the best results when you work with our clay roof experts.

Clay Roof Tile

2. BITC gives honest recommendations.

Our team of specialists knows every clay tile in the books, and we exactly know what goes where when it comes to each client’s specific needs. You can visit to get an estimate or book an appointment. They’d be more than willing to assess your housing plans and guide you through the best course of action.

Clay Roof Tile

3. They can customize your clay tile roofing.

The variety that clay tiles have is no joke. There are traditional barrel tiles, Spanish clay tiles, flat tiles, and even customized ones. We at BITC Roof Tiles make sure that every unique client gets the quality, one-of-a-kind clay tile roofing that they desire. We can accommodate any aesthetic – just let your imagination go wild.

Clay Roof Tile

4. They have the technical know-how.

These tiles may have benefits, but they also take a lot of planning, measurement, and techniques to mount them into place properly. Luckily, our licensed specialists are specifically trained for these projects, and they’ve been working with different types of clay tiles for years. So, you don’t have to worry about sloppy measurements or mismatched shingles. The best company in the field of roof tiles in the Philippines is always here to help you, and that’s us, BITC!

Clay Roof Tile

5. BITC promise quality results.

With an expert roofer in contact and a great type of roof tile in the equation, there’s no doubt that your subsequent real estate development will blow your mind. Choosing clay roofing always offers tons of opportunities and benefits, and our BITC team of specialists helps bring them out every single time.

Roof Tiles Philippines

What, with the experience, training, quality assurance, and guaranteed satisfaction that we offer – there’s just no project big or small. All that with a simple phone call to get started.