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3 Most Popular Types of Clay Roof Tile in the Philippines

3 Most Popular Types of Clay Roof Tile in the Philippines

Can't Choose The Perfect Clay Roof Tile For Your Next Roofing Project in the Philippines?

Clay is a pretty dominant roofing material in the country. Every neighborhood you look at and there’s a bunch of clay roof tile Philippines left and right! And the best part is, they all have different styles to choose from, so no roof looks exactly the same. You can maintain individuality while getting all the benefits a clay roof tile can give!

There are various styles and colors of clay roof tile to choose from just like how there are different types and styles for stone coated roof tiles. Just contact your roofing contractor and they can show you what they have in store! Clients can also ask their professional opinion in choosing clay roof tiles, whether it’s design-wise or functionality-wise.

There are a number of benefits to clay roof tiles— let’s go through them one by one:

  • It can last you a hundred years with proper maintenance,
  • It’s durable and can endure the elements,
  • And its curb appeal among roofing is simply unmatched!

Most Popular Clay Roofing Style Choices in the Philippines

1. S-tile

The S-tile or the Spanish tiles are the most popular out of the bunch! You’ve probably seen this somewhere in the neighborhood. These S-curved styles feature an elegant and continuous sloping pattern. They are easy to install and significantly cheaper than the rest of the styles.

2. U-tile

Most commonly known as the barrel roof tiles Philippines. This is similar to the S-tile, but its curve is much more pronounced and overlapping. It’s a good fit for those who want to make a dramatic curb appeal statement. Its concave and convex shape are both beautiful and functional.

3. Flat tile

Yes, clay roofs also have flat tiles! While this shape is more commonly seen in metal, asphalt roofing, or wood shakes— flat tiles are also seen in interlocking clay roof tiles.

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