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FAQs About Tejas Cobert Clay Roof Tiles

Interested in getting to know your Cobert Clay Roof Tiles before investing in them? Well— you’re in the right place! BITC Roof Tiles is here to answer your burning questions about roof tiles Philippines… one tile at a time.

stone coated steel roofing philippines

FAQs: Stone-Coated Steel Roofing in the Philippines

Stone-coated steel roofing Philippines haa been steadily growing as a popular roofing choice over the years. And honestly— we love it here at BITC Roof Tiles as well! Stone-coated steel is definitely a great choice for owners who value longevity and reliability when it comes to their roofing.

roof specialists Philippines

The Roof Specialists in Alabang: Book the Best in the Roofing Biz

Not to toot our own horns, but we’re not sought-after for no reason. Every roofing need, we’ve got. We carry internationally-manufactured roofing tiles. as well as locally-sourced roof tiles— and we deliver and install it to our customers all over the Philippines, without a hitch.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Clay Rooftile Contractor in Manila

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Clay Rooftile Contractor in Manila

Roofs are an essential part of any kind of establishment, playing a vital role both in protecting your interiors from harsh outdoor elements, and letting your exterior display the overall aesthetics that you want. Needless to say, maintaining it and not letting any damage go unnoticed for long can save you from a lot of trouble.