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FAQs: Stone-Coated Steel Roofing in the Philippines

stone coated steel roofing philippines

Stone Coated Steel for Your Roof?

Stone-coated steel roofing Philippines has been steadily growing as a popular roofing choice over the years. And honestly— we love it here at BITC Roof Tiles as well! Stone-coated steel is definitely a great choice for owners who value longevity and reliability when it comes to their roofing.

Before making a huge investment, it’s natural to want to know more about it! For most, stone-coated steel remains a mystery, and not because it’s unheard of. Through the eyes of a non-expert, we’d assume all kinds of roofing materials Philippines are practically the same.

And while it does serve the same function, there’s a different set of features that come with each kind that’s manufactured to fit individual needs.

For interested clients, we’d imagine there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding the different ones we have at BITC Roof Tiles. But for now, we’ll answer the frequently asked questions regarding stone-coated steel roofing Philippines:

Installing a stone-coated steel roofing for my property… is this kind of roof tile more expensive than other roofing available?

We’re not gonna lie, the upfront costs of stone–coated steel is generally a bit higher than your normal shingles. Over time, however, you’ll see how the extra pesos were worth it. They last way longer than your normal shingles, and they’re also more resistant to damage compared to other roofs.

How long would a stone-coated steel roofing in the Philippines last?

Pretty long, we’d say. Its lifespan is, give or take about 70 years. This is 20 years more than your normal shingles— and with proper maintenance, it can last even longer!

Isn’t stone-coated steel unfit for the Philippine weather?

Not at all! Stone-coated steel is actually great at insulating your home. If the sun’s hot, stone coated steel roofing philippines won’t absorb the heat.

Got any more questions about BITC Roof Tiles? Don’t hesitate to ask us out!

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