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BITC Assets and Liabilities: Things to Consider Before Going with Roof Tiles

Roof tiles

Assets and Liabilities? Find Out More Here!

Roof tiles have always been a popular choice for homeowners (and building-owners alike)— and for very good reason.

Decade after decade, roof tiles continue to prove their worth to many as a reliable roofing material Philippines that stands the test of time.

Even now, many of our clients prefer the solid feel of a roof tile compared to other alternatives like roof shingles.

But, naturally, what you prefer may not be equivalent to what you need in terms of roofing. Different weathers, in different locations, and in different houses should have many types to choose from.

And since you’ll be stuck with your roof for basically a lifetime… let’s evaluate together whether roof tiles are indeed right for you.



Roof tiles are usually made of natural and sustainable materials— a prime example being clay roof tile. They can be recycled and made again when they’ve served their purpose.


Roof tiles are enduring, rain or shine. They generally need no upkeep, since they are robust in nature. They’re also rot-resistant and insect-resistant, which is why it’s known to be long-lasting (supposedly a hundred years, give or take!)



If finances are not a problem, then great. But if you’re on a budget, roof tiles are at the… more expensive end of the spectrum. Granted, they last longer than any other roofing material— so it probably evens out. But still, a homeowner should be prepared for the upfront costs it takes for roof installation.

Very dense

Roof tiles are extremely heavy… so your foundation needs to be structurally sound if you want to make the most out of what you paid for. Because of this, it’s also quite difficult to replace if you don’t plan for it to stick around for long.

If you want yours to be installed on an existing roof, or if you want us to build from scratch.

We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing. We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing.

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