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5 Benefits of Going with Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles

Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles

BITC Will Bring the Classic Artistry & Cutting-Edge Technology of Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles to You!

Shinto ceramic roof tiles have origins in Old World Japan, and now we’re bringing classic artistry and cutting-edge technology to you. You can get your hands on quality imported Shinto roof tiles from us at BITC Roof Tiles, the top roofing contractor in Metro Manila!

Over and over again, we see the charm of these roof tiles every time we work with them… and we can vouch for their elegance and reliability over the years. But there are a ton of reasons why you should get them for your roofing system!

Why choose Shinto ceramic roof tiles for your roofing system?

1. Waterproof

You won’t see any absorption here, folks! A lot of the time, mold and damage accumulate because of the water seeping into the structure of your roof; instead of sliding over the roof tiles and into your gutter. And you can be sure of that! Shinto roof tiles are tried and tested in the rainy districts of Japan.

2. Heat-insulated

In the crazy-hot summers of the Philippines, heat-insulated roof tiles are the answer to our scorching salas and humid rooms. Shinto roof tiles can insulate and deflect the sun’s rays from entering from the roof and inside of your home.

3. Noise-insulation

Appreciate a little peace and quiet in your home? These roof tiles have a great noise-insulation system… one that doesn’t have to compromise the weight of your roof tiles.

4. Fire-resistant

If you prefer a fire-safe roof for safety purposes, then the Shinto ceramic roof tiles are an approved standard of fire-resistant roofing material.

5. Durability

The durability of these tiles is one of a kind. They’re robust, particularly load-resistant, and are even present in historical edifices that still stand today! If that isn’t a testament to its durability, we don’t know what is!

If you’re interested in Shinto ceramic roof tiles, BITC Roof Tiles company is your best choice. We also offer roof installation and roof replacement for them!

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