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Why the New Polymer Sand Tiles is Worth a Second Look

Polymer Sand Tiles

Get to Know the New Polymer Sand Tiles in the Philippine Roofing

Relatively new to the market, polymer sand tiles grab everyone’s attention with their exciting composition and the new competition it brings to the pretty solid roofing industry.

Currently, its sales are not exactly on par with other roofing tiles, although still understandable because in comparison, the other roofing tile competitors we’re already used and established a long time ago.

But it doesn’t mean that these new polymer-sand tiles aren’t worth the try! Popularity is a good factor in choosing your roof tiles in the Philippines, but we’re pretty sure that recognition in the market will catch up with this particular product in a couple of years.

As always, innovation goes a long way. So, allow us to inform you about the benefits.

1. It’s environmentally friendly!

  1. In this day and age, low-impact consumption is a must. Polymer sand tiles can assure you an ecologically safe experience with their absence of impurities and pollutants, even at initial production. 
environmentally friendly

2. You’ll celebrate a lot of roof birthdays with this one.

Polymer-sand tiles can last you up to 50 to 100 years! Roof life is similar to competitors, maybe even a little more.

polymer sand tiles

3. We bet you’ll like this one!

What if we told you that you could afford to be a little lax with roof maintenance? Polymer-sand roofing tiles are generally easy to clean, too.

polymer sand tiles like

4. Enhances curb appeal!

Not only does it look attractive and elegant for any establishment, but the roofs are also 2 to 3 times lighter than ceramic roof tiles. Also, the roof color doesn’t fade at all!

roof curb

5. It is resistant to almost all kinds of corrosive materials.

Fire-resistant. Water-resistant. Good flexural strength. Acid-resistant. UV-resistant. Fungus resistant. Resistant to all kinds of corrosive materials. (We also can’t resist convincing our dear customers to try out this new roofing material!)

resistant roof

6. It has low thermal conductivity.

  1. Great for saving a significant amount on your electricity bills.
thermal conductivity roof

7. No interferance!

Polymer sand tiles has no interference whatsoever with reception. Huzzah! Amazing right?

signal reception roof

Want to find out more about polymer-sand tiles? Call BITC Roof Tiles, the top roof contractors in the Philippines— we’ll show you how.