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No. 1 Clay Roof Tiles Provider in The Philippines

clay roof tiles

Now You Can Get Your Hands on the Greatest Gold Mine of Clay Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Clay roof tiles are some of the most popular roofing types in the Philippines. These are usually spotted in resorts, but other luxurious houses have also chosen clay tiles for their roof. In a country that experiences strong winds and heavy rains every year, clay roof tiles serve as a strong defense for your house. In fact, here are some of the advantages of using clay tiles for your roof:

• Durable and heavy-duty
• Can withstand strong winds and typhoons
• Has a lifetime of up to 100 years
• Better insulation against the cold weather
• Aesthetically pleasing compared to other roofing types
• Requires low effort to maintain

If you’re planning to install clay roof tiles for your roof, you might be having a hard time choosing the right contractor for the job. After all, there are so many available in the Philippines, how would you know which one is the right choice? Well, allow me to introduce BITC, the #1 clay roof tiles provider in the country!

Bryan Isaiah Trading and Construction, Inc. (BITC) is a company that has been around for several years, providing the best clay roof tiles in the Philippines. You can trust that you would get only the best quality roof there is!

In fact, here are some of the reasons why this company is the best in town:

They handled multiple projects in the past

After years in the field, BITC has already handled several projects in the past. Whether big or small, they make sure that they finish these projects professionally, and always leave their clients smiling. Because of that, they can handle all types of roofing materials, especially clay roof tiles!

Clay Roof Tiles Photo

The company partnered with several suppliers

In order to make sure that they give the highest quality services, BITC partners with several roofing suppliers to provide high-quality materials. Whether you want clay roof tiles, asphalt shingles, or even metal roofing, the company partners with the best suppliers in the country.

BITC Suppliers photo

A diverse team of professionals

One of the main reasons why BITC is at the top is because of their expertly-trained professionals. These technicians are well-versed in handling tools and equipment needed for roof installation. Plus, you can also get some good advice from them on how to properly maintain your roof, thus extending its life. See roofing projects to check out some of the BITC’s work.

professional team on BITC

High quality services with worldwide experience

BITC has been working with several companies abroad, and this experience has improved how the company provides their services. In fact, the company makes sure that their services are always up to par with other companies around the world, offer high-quality materials that are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Roofing Professional in Manila

Warranty for your roof

Some companies don’t offer warranty for their roof installation services, and as we all know, the roof can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, when hiring a roofing contractor, you should get one that offers a warranty. With BITC, the company offers a warranty of up to 75 years, thus making sure that your roof will be safe in the long run!

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