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Why Clay Roof Tiles are a Wise Financial Decision

clay roof tiles

Choosing Clay Roof Tiles Can Effect Your Financial Decision In A Good Way

We get it. When it comes to your home, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. We’re just here to convince you WHY clay roof tiles fit the bill.

Sure, clay roofing can be pretty expensive. But… your roof will also be one of the biggest, most important investments you’ll make for your home.

Choosing low-quality roofing materials to save money often backfires on homeowners.

Picture this: Give or take a few years, you’re going to be permanently stuck with leaks, damage, and thousands in repairs.

Worst case scenario: it’s gonna be issues upon issues. Constantly.

And the only ACTUAL solution? Total roof replacement. Which costs more than your average installation… on top of the installation you’ve paid for, BTW.

So yeah, cut-rate roofing materials seem tempting upfront. But before long, your bargain is going to come back to triple in costs to bite you in the butt.

Point is… clay roofing tiles are one of the most reliable, enduring tiles out there in the market.

And yes, they’re also one of the more expensive ones.

But it’s one of the few ones that give you ROI overall. Let’s break down why:

  • Clay roofing tile lasts you a decade and more. One day your grandkids are going to gaze upon it and say you’ve made the right decision.
  • Beautiful, beautiful tiles. Warm and earthy shapes inspired by Roman villas and seaside resorts.
  • Durable and robust. You’re gonna be surprised at how much weather nonsense this can take.
  • Clay tiles deflect sunlight. Lower AC bills? Yes, please!
  • Also, they maintain their resale value. Future buyers will happily pay extra for your roof.

Lesson? Choose clay roof tiles from BITC Roof Tiles!

We’ve got international tiles from Cobert Clay Roof Tiles to Thatch Roof UPVC, right here in the Phillippines!

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