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A Step Closer to BITC’s Clay Roof Tiles

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What Do You Need to Know About BITC's Clay Roof Tiles?

It is our honor to announce BITC Roof Tiles’ partnership with the world-renowned Cobert Clay Roof Tiles!

As you know, we’ve been pretty tight with a lot of roofing suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world— and now, we’re proud to say that Cobert Clay roof tiles is now one of them!

We’ll introduce to you roof specialist Tejas Cobert, who, for decades, has been innovating and commercializing roofing tiles, components, and other accessories in the Iberian roof tile market. And now, they export to more than 50 countries in various continents!

Which the Philippines, is now officially included in!

At present, their clay roof tiles are the best in the market. With the latest manufacturing equipment, state-of-the-art robotic machinery, and the best quality control you can find in Europe, we’re thrilled to be in partnership with such renowned names in the roofing industry.

The H-cassette manufacturing process, which is exclusive to Spain— supports individual ceramics that keep roof tiles separated throughout the entire process, which brings more complex finishes than your usual roofing tiles.

Understandably, with this kind of technology— you can tell that as roof contractors, we’re personally quite excited to work with a relatively new roofing type.

But more than that, we’re more excited to bring it all the way… into the comfort of your homes (or your projects!)

Clay roof tiles are a great, standard choice for every edifice. But what makes it a step closer, and what makes it a tinge better— is when you trust where it comes from.

And, with these kinds of credentials guaranteed, we’re pretty confident that we just ticked your list of the best roofing materials Philippines.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on quality Cobert Clay Roof TIles, look no further!

We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing. We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing.

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