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Stone-Coated Roofing: Ultimate Long-Lasting Protection

stone coated roofing

Find Our Why Many Homeowners In The Philippines Prefer Stone-Coated Roofing

When it comes to durability and long-lasting protection, very few roofing materials can trump the legend that is stone coated roofing.

For the past decade, stone-coated roof tiles have been consistently growing in popularity with homeowners who seek longevity and robustness.

Never heard of it? We gotcha. We’ll give you a quick 101 on what it is and how it functions. This roof tile looks like clay tiles, but don’t get it confused. This variant is highly durable since it’s made of a steel core and zinc-aluminum alloy covered with a stone chip layer.

Sound impressive? It is. This provides strength and resistance— a whole LOT more than its other counterparts. Hail, strong winds, storms; name it and stone coated roofing tiles can take it.

But that’s not all… here’s why the stone coated material is so esteemed:

Lasts a Lifetime

One of their biggest strengths: is longevity. With proper installation and maintenance, they could last you over 50 years in pretty good condition. In comparison to your asphalt shingles, there are 30 years more you can enjoy with your roof.


Let me tell you how a stone coated roof in Philippines could work. Typhoons? Intense UV heat in the summers? These roof tiles can give you the ultimate long-lasting protection from unpredictably severe weather conditions. Plus, its panels also create a barrier from moisture rot!

Low Maintenance

You heard that right. You can get away with minimal maintenance. And your stone coated roof would still be up and running. They’re highly, highly resistant to fading and cracking.

But of course, we still recommend that you do regular maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.


Not gonna lie, stone coated roofing can be costly. But only upfront. You get to save tens and thousands in repair, replacement, and maintenance with this quality.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own stone-coated roof tiles today and feel its magic!

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