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Top Reasons Why Concrete Roof tiles is the Best Choice for Tropical Places

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Get to Know the Reasons Behind Why Concrete Roof Tiles is the Best Roof Tiles for Tropical Places

The weather can get really unpredictable in the tropics. And as many scientific studies, roof tile providers, and homeowners with personal experience would tell you, so too does a home. There are plenty of reasons why this could be happening, but the largest contributors to why the inside of your home feels like a desert or a freezer is your roofing choice.

In the tropics, its either the sun glaring down on your house all day, or cold winds and strong rains are battering your roof mercilessly. And if you don’t have the proper roofing, you’re gonna’ feel their effects. So, homeowners in the tropics, what do you do now? Have you ever thought about purchasing concrete roof tiles? Concrete roofs are by far the best choice of roofing for tropical roof.

Here are a few reasons why:

Concrete Roofing Grants Amazing Airflow and Heat Absorption

Everybody can agree that the tropics are a hot place, sometimes even ridiculously hot. This is where the brilliance of S-tiles come in. Terracotta tiles are commonly shaped in an “S” pattern, which is what grants superb airflow. Additionally, concrete roof tiles absorb heat slower than most other types of tiles thanks to its thickness, which means less heat diffusion into your home.

concrete roof tiles Airflow and Heat Absorption

Concrete Roofing Can Take a Battering from the Winds and Storms

Roof tile providers will tell you concrete roof tiles are extremely durable thanks to its ability to withstand constant battering. Now you may find people telling you that concrete roofing wont last long under the conditions of tropical storms, that is only true when your concrete quality is sub-par, or poorly made. Many experts agree that concrete can, in fact, survive tropical storms, but that’s IF you have good-quality concrete

concrete roof tiles winds and storms

Concrete Roofing Requires Very Little Maintenance

When your home is constantly scorched by the sun or ravaged by storms, your roof better be up to the challenge. Fortunately, concrete roof tiles requires very little maintenance. You’ll rarely hear homeowners complain about their concrete roof leaking. In fact, you might even hear them praising how well their concrete shingles are holding up without the need for major reparations! So long as there’s no major accidents like a fallen tree, your concrete roofing should last quite a while.

Concrete Roofing Does Not Rot or Decay

Insects, molds, and other pests, are much more aggressive in the tropics, thanks to the climate. But you know what insects and molds don’t feed on? Terracotta. When constant raining is followed by scorching heat, the pests thrive. You don’t have to worry about that when your roofing is solid concrete.

concrete roof tiles decay

Concrete Roofing is Aesthetic

To top it all off, nobody can deny that concrete roof tiles are beautiful. Roof tile providers usually manufacture dyed shingles, which can be a good addition to your house if you value aesthetics. Functional, durable, AND pretty? What more could you want from a roof?