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4 Most Common Roofing Issues in the Philippines

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What are the most common roofing issues that most roof tiles company won't tell you?

When there are slight hitches in how your roof function— you can DIY repair, especially if you’re good with your hands, other times, you’ll need a roof tiles company to come to your rescue.

Unfortunately, your roofs deteriorate in age. They can get damaged, and they get worn down over the years. It’s natural. But that’s when the problems start to show up.

Roof issues can stem from bad installation, or they can affect natural phenomena. Roofing primarily serves as protection for your home, so they get the brunt of the destruction. And these build up over time and manifest into something that needs to be repaired.

With that said, here are the most common roofing issues in need of roof repair:

1. Leaking

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the leaky roof at one point in our lives. It’s not exactly pleasant, but it’s not that bad either— depending on the severity. This can be patched up the easiest and is usually done without a roofing company. If leaking persists and in large amounts, it’s best to call your local roofer.

Roof Leak

2. Draining

Drainage issues are almost a national experience for Filipino homeowners. Somehow, the water in the roof doesn’t drain all the way— and it can cause water to pool into the surface, which can lead to moisture weakening the structure. Either roof has a faulty drainage system, clogged gutters, or the tops aren’t just sloped enough.

3. Breaking

Curving. Cracking. They are losing— the roofing way. We’re no stranger to inspecting our roofs and suddenly seeing broken roof tiles and roof shingles. They’re normal when a roof is old, but missing sections cause concern.

Roof break

4. Critters

We don’t let pets sleep on the roof, but somehow creatures can come in and infest your roof, like rats, insects, and even a breeding ground for mold. If you’re experiencing structural issues because of this— call a roof tiles company for replacement in case needed.


A good roofing company must also give you essential information that you must know. Quality roof products are not the only responsibility that one roof company in the Philippines must provide to their customers, but also quality info to help their customers spend less by proper roof guidance.

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