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3 Reasons Why Stone Tiles is the Best Choice For Any Roof

3 Reasons Why Stone Tiles is the Best Choice For Any Roof

Why Stone Tiles is the Best Choice for Any Roof in the Philippines?

If you’re looking to install a new roof, or replace an existing one— stone tiles might just be the right choice for you!

Though they’re a little pricier than most roofing materials, it’s certainly worth the investment. In terms of both functionality and appearance, stone roofing tiles prove fit to persist against common roofing problems you might experience. 

Here are some of the characteristics stone tiles can guarantee:


Since stone tiles can last way longer than other roofing tiles, which can roughly be at least a century, it’s longevity stands testament to its durability in the face of the ever changing seasons. 

Stone Tiles

And that’s a good thing to have, especially if you’re looking into a long-term development in your property— we can assure you that stone tiles are a pretty good bet. Take the expert’s word for it!


It’s a known truth that stone roofing tiles are generally low-maintenance. But they are famous for being easy to clean, if you do have the chance to. Although they do pretty okay without the owners having to check on them very regularly. 

Stone Tiles

They are not at all prone to damage, and they can go a couple of years without any need for immediate roof repair.

Impressive design

Besides the fact that stone tiles can up the curb appeal for any residential or commercial establishment, it also has an interlocking layout that prevents harsh wind and rain to wreak havoc on your roof, so it’s perfect for locations with particularly volatile weathers. 

Stone Tiles

Since it has this interlocking design, it can resist blow-offs that can happen with other roofing tiles. Considering this, stone roof tiles are esthetically pleasing, considered a classic in all homes, really— and they can increase market value by a lot if you’re considering selling.

Interesting? Well if you want to know more about these roofing tiles, contact us now! BITC Roof Tiles, the roofing tile system specialist, are offering their services to achieve the roofing of your dreams, stone-(s)tile.