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Selecting Best Roof Tile Company in the Philippines

Selecting Best Roof Tile Company in the Philippines

Here's How to Quickly and Easily Choose the Best Roof Tile Company in the Philippines

It’s no secret that we want the best for our homes. Especially for our roofs. To do that, you need a top roof company that would provide you the best roof tiles you can get in the Philippines. And it’s never easy to look for a credible roofing company, let alone hire a reliable one.

First of all, you might not know where to find one in your area. And if you do, you can’t be the slightest bit sure that they do quality workmanship in the first place. So, fellow homeowners (and building owners), where do we even start? How do we select the best roof tiles company that won’t let you down?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually! 

We’ll tell you how you can bag a reputable roofing company in 7 easy steps.

1. Rack up (local) referrals

roof tiles company referrals

This method is the easiest, most straightforward search you can ever do for your roofing needs. If you have friends, family, or neighbors that recently got some work done on their roof— you could easily ask their roofing contractor’s contact details, if they’re satisfied with the work, the usual. Best of all, you can also check out their craftsmanship for yourselves!

2. Double check their licenses

roof tiles company license

If you want a safe and certified contractor to work on your roof— there’s no better way to test it than to check their official licenses and working permits! You can easily ask them for proof, and if they’re indeed legitimate— they’ll have no qualms in showing it to you.

3. Insurance is a must

It’s simple. If they don’t have insurance, you can forget it. It’s very, very important, because if they don’t guarantee it— you could be liable for any accidents the roofer might get into while working on your roof. And they could possibly make you pay a fortune in damages you’re not responsible for in the first place!

4. Be on familiar terms with your material choices

roof tiles company materials

You have the power to choose the materials that you want for your home. So don’t feel pressured to agree with everything the roof tile company is feeding you. You can do your own research on roof tiles, so you are fully aware of the implications of getting one for yourself.

5. Guaranteed warranty

Warranties are a standard every time you install a new roof. Make sure that you don’t have to deal with an unreasonable warranty period. They should be at least enough for any problems that could show after a bad installation. If the company is confident and secure in their work, they will offer an extended warranty— which is a nice precaution for every client.

6. The price makes a difference

Company Pricing

When you’re looking for quality, the price doesn’t come cheap. Sure, some are more affordable than the other— but don’t expect great results if you want to skimp on your roof. The trick is to get a pool of quotes from different roof tile companies, calculate the average rate, and throw out the ones on the extreme end of the spectrum.