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3 Common Roof Tile Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Roof Tile Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid These Mistakes When You Do Roof Tiles Maintenance in the Philippines

Neighbors! A little PSA from your friendly neighborhood roof supplier: BITC Roof Tiles. It’s about roof tiles Philippines, and what NOT to do with them.

I know you want your bubong to last for years, so you’re gonna wanna hear this:

Your roof tiles aren’t as indestructible as you think…

Especially if the material is subpar. Plus, you may be well aware of this if you see other roofs cracking and turning to dust against all the elements.

And while this is true, damage can come from ALL possible angles. It could be because of the weather, your roofing maintenance practices, or your activities.

Read on to know whether or not you contribute to shortening your roof’s lifespan… yikes.

Mistake # 1: Slow Down There, Buddy!

Number one no-no: grabbing the harshest cleaning solutions from under the sink. Believe us, bleach and other harsh chemicals will lighten AND degrade your roofing tiles.

Unfortunately: stronger doesn’t mean better. This rings true for your cleaning chemicals as well.

And if you ask us, it’s better to stick to gentler stuff like water, a soft brush, and mild soap. Protect your investment!

Mistake # 2: Watch Your Step

We know you love looking at the view or hanging laundry from your rooftop. But resist the urge to frequently walk around up there unless absolutely necessary!

Those roof tiles cannot handle a lot of extra weight and will slowly crack.

If you can, limit foot traffic to essential maintenance only.

Mistake # 3: Inspecting During Storm

Safety should be your top priority whenever there’s bagyo. Don’t climb onto a wet roof just to check your tiles.

It’s best to wait until the storm fully passes. If you can, call a professional roofer or a roofing company if you assess any big damage.

There ya have it— hot tips from BITC Rooftiles to avoid mistakes in handling your roof tiles Philippines! Give us a shout call today if you need any assistance.

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