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Top 3 Benefits of UPVC Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Top 3 Benefits of UPVC Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Did You Know That You Can Reap More Benefits When You Choose UPVC Roof Tiles For Your Roofing?

UPVC roof tiles. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride sheets. Yadda yadda, science stuff. It may sound so nerdy for you, but in reality, many homeowners choose to have UPVC roofing for their homes!

You probably care more about what UPVC roofing can do for you compared to the other roof tiles on the market, right?

Well, we’re here to answer all the questions you might have right now. Specifically, if thatch roofing is a good fit for you and your home in the Philippines.

Right off the bat, we always conclude that it always depends. What are you looking for in a roofing material? What are your preferences and dealbreakers? It’s all a matter of whether the roofing fits your lifestyle and budget.

Here’s what a UPVC thatch roof boasts:

1. Affordability

For those with a tight budget, an artificial thatch roof made from UPVC may be a better choice as a roofing material. If its counterparts like clay and asphalt are relatively more expensive, maybe consider other options like UPVC roofing to help fill in the gaps while maintaining functionality.

It’s easier to install, which means less labor costs. Materials are also more affordable. The bottom line is: it definitely won’t break the bank.

2. Minimal Upkeep

If you don’t plan on checking on your roof quite often for maintenance, then a thatch roof UPVC may be ideal for you. It’s not as high-maintenance as a traditional thatch roof, but it has the same look and functionality as one.

It’s enduring and reliable, plus you also have a variety of choices when it comes to color and style. Cool, huh?

3. Durable

While you may prefer traditional materials like straw for a thatch roof for a more… organic look— we can’t set aside the fact that it is very susceptible to rot and decay, unlike a thatch roof UPVC that can brave the elements for years to come.

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