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3 Benefits of Installing Roof Tiles in the Philippines

3 Benefits of Installing Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Did You Know That Installing Roof Tiles Comes With Different Benefits?

Roof tiles are a great choice for homeowners and commercial owners alike. They differ from roof shingles in their appearance and composition in many ways, but the gist is that they are more expensive than roof shingles… but reasonably so.

There is no universally better choice between roof shingles and roof tiles. It mostly boils down to preference and budget, but there are a few significant things that roof tiles do better in terms of roof performance and durability over the years.

There are a lot of types to choose from, with clay roofing tiles being the most popular roof tiles Philippines. There’s a lot more variety you can find in roof tiles like slate, metal, concrete, composite— and even the ones we import from Japan like the famous Kinki roof tiles and Shinto roof tiles!

Here are the 3 benefits of installing roof tiles in the Philippines:

1. Appearances

Whatever look you want to achieve with your roof, you can attain it with roof tiles! As we mentioned, there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from… and it all comes down to what you envision for your space.

2. Durability

Since roof tiles are a bit pricier, you’d naturally expect more out of them— and you’re right to do so! They are more robust than your average asphalt roof, and they can last you 50 years or longer. There are some that are centuries old and still standing today! Undoubtedly, they’re a great investment that pays off in the long run.

3. Performance

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, some roofing materials cannot adapt to the weather here. Fortunately for us, roof tiles perform well in extreme conditions like rain or heat!

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