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2 Simple Reasons Why Homeowners Love Japanese Roof Tiles

2 Simple Reasons Why Homeowners Love Japanese Roof Tiles

Homeowners Embrace Japanese Roof Tiles: Discover the 2 Simple Reasons Behind Their Love

As the leading Japanese roof tiles supplier, we at BITC Roof Tiles feel like it’s our public duty to tell you just how much our clients love their new Japanese roof tiles!

If you’ve been searching high and low for different roofing tiles for your roof installation, it’s impossible to not have heard your roof contractors raving about Japanese-manufactured roof tiles.

Case in point: the ever-famous Shinto roof tiles from Japan, along with Kinki roof tiles (which we oh-so-conveniently distribute as well)!

Now, there are a lot of great qualities of Japanese tiles like Shinto and Kinki. And with the stream of orders coming in for these tiles increasing per year, we’re pretty sure fellow homeowners love them as much as we do.

So much so that it’s practically a given that you won’t regret trying these out.

Here are three reasons why homeowners favor tiles straight from Japan:

1. Appearance

As you know, curb appeal is a very big factor in the homeowner’s decision in choosing their roof tiles. Shinto roof tiles offer a very elegant look for your home.

More commonly, it’s recommended for ultra-modern or modern-minimalistic designs if you’re going for that. But since there are many styles to choose from the leading Japanese roof tiles supplier, it’s honestly quite versatile for various designs.

2. Technology

Besides their looks, they’re also famous for their specifications. They offer features that work very well in real-world situations.

The one they’re known for most is their waterproofing, which holds its own against the rainy districts in Japan. They’re also very durable, as roofs from Old World Japan are still standing today. They also have heat insulation, noise insulation, and fire resistance. Honestly, need we say more?

Get original Shinto roof tiles and Kinki roof tiles straight from Japan, with the Philippines’ leading Japanese roof tiles supplier: BITC Roof Tiles.

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