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Your Dream Home with Spanish Roof Tiles

Spanish roof tiles

Achieve Your Dream Home In The Philippines With Spanish Roof Tiles Today!

Tired of your home looking like every other cookie-cutter casa on the block? Then listen up! It’s high time we add rustic warmth and character with gorgeous, gorgeous Spanish roof tiles to your dream home.

With BITC Roof Tiles, you can turn your home into a Mediterranean masterpiece. Clearly, this is what dreams are made of.

Filipinos are pretty traditional people…

Design-wise too. We love classic motifs— and the way we see it from here it can’t get any more classic than Spanish roof tiles in Philippines. This is literally the OG!

And these days, we can have the best of both worlds. Traditional style meets modern manufacture— equating to timeless beauty paired with high-grade consistency and durability.

Curb Appeal

Seriously, have you guys seen what Spanish roofing can do to one’s curb appeal? Distinctive barrel clays and earthy hues instantly, instantly elevate your home’s look from boring to romantic. We’re talking sun-kissed and swoon-worthy. Glinting under the sunlight kind of thing!

The best thing is: you can nestle the Mediterranean magic into your dream home, too! Helloooo elevated property value and the source of neighborhood envy! *wink*

Beyond Pretty

Besides their irresistible looks, Spanish roofs are generally known to be tough as nails. They’re resistant to severe weather, moisture (thank you interlocking feature!), and cracking.

To top it all off, they’re eco-friendly and they regulate temperatures too. You’ve saved electricity bills— and Mother Earth too!

Low Maintenance

You heard that right. You can get away with minimal maintenance. And your stone coated roof would still be up and running. They’re highly, highly resistant to fading and cracking.

But of course, we still recommend that you do regular maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.


Do you know how long these babies last? Not 20 years, not even 50 years… not even 70. They can last you over a century. Your kids and your grandkids can be enjoying your dream home Spanish roof decades later! With proper installation and maintenance, you can get a friend for life.

Want to know more about building your dream home with Spanish roof tiles? Well, you’ve already stumbled upon the right roofing contractor for you — BITC Roof Tiles!

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