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Where to Find Legit Japanese Roof Tile Supplier in the Philippines

Where to Find Legit Japanese Roof Tile Supplier in the Philippines

Looking For Legitimate Japanese Roof Tile Supplier In Your Area?

Wondering where to find an authentic Japanese roof tile supplier? Well, BITC Roof Tiles is just right around the corner! We have a variety of Japanese roof tiles available for distribution in every corner of the Philippines, imported straight from our partners in Japan.

BITC Roof Tiles is a legitimate roofing contractor business authorized with the sale of imported roof Tiles all the way from different countries in Asia and Europe. One of our most popular imported roofing materials Philippines is the famous Shinto roof tiles and Kinki roof tiles from Japan.

Usually seen in Old World Japan, the Shinto roof tiles provide:

  • sleek and elegant architecture,
  • unique curb appeal from the rest of the neighborhood,
  • durable against the elements (structures with Shinto roof tiles in Old World Japan are still still standing today),
  • lightweight (innovative mixture of clay and bone material),
  • produced by ultramodern kilns,
  • extensive waterproofing for the rainy seasons and heat insulation for the summer,
  • fire-resistant roofing materials,
  • noise-insulating feature, and
  • pretty heavy load resistance (such as a person on the roof… it’s a great installation feature)

It’s easy to see why a lot of our clients look for Japanese roof tiles. They’re functional and sleek, and their modern appeal certainly fits with the minimalistic architecture that’s popping up a lot in recent years. It’s only natural for people to look for the best and most highly-rated Japanese roof tiles supplier in their area!

We’re based in Alabang, but we service anywhere in the Philippines. Here are a few steps we recommend you take before reaching out!

  1. Search for more information on the Shinto Roof Tiles. You can see more about this in our blog.
  2. Call us at (02) 8397-9784. We’ll let you know whether materials are available and answer your burning questions.
  3. Contact the best roofing distributors in the business!

Send us your complete roof plan at if you want a roofing quotation for your next project. You can reach us through our websiteFacebook, or by calling us via:

Telephone Numbers:

(02) 8856 4655
(02) 8397 9784

Cellphone Number:

(+639) 17-894-5067
(+639) 33-811-3715