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The Frugal Guide to Sourcing Quality Japanese Clay Roof Tiles

The Frugal Guide to Sourcing Quality Japanese Clay Roof Tiles

Are You Looking For Quality Japanese Clay Roof Tiles In The Philippines?

Are you tired of dealing with subpar roofing materials that just don’t seem to hold up against the unpredictable Philippine weather? Well, look no further, because we’ve got the secret to sourcing high-quality Japanese clay roof tiles that won’t break the bank.

But hold on, aren’t these tiles known for costing a small fortune? You’re correct— but it doesn’t mean you have to hurt your wallet to get your hands on it. Here’s the frugal way to source it:

Think Outside the Showroom (Literally)

We all love the showroom shine of brand-new tiles, but have you ever considered reclaimed ones? Try yard sales or maybe even online marketplaces. They can be a treasure trove for these hidden gems.

Disclaimer: you have to be REALLY, really picky in picking out these clay roof tiles. We cannot guarantee the quality (or the authenticity!) of the materials you’re getting— but we can say that you can save like, a lot.

Of course, there’s nothing better than getting new and authentic roof tiles from Japan imported (like we do!), and we recommend that you do so if you have the budget for it.

This is just an option… and not one that we particularly like unless you have an eye for things, so we move on to the next best thing!

Embrace the "Imperfect" (It's All Relative, Anyway)

Ever heard of “seconds”? These are tiles with minor cosmetic imperfections – a tiny chip on the corner, perhaps. But let’s be honest, unless you’re planning on hosting a conference for Japanese roofing experts and hoist them up to your roof, it’s unlikely anyone will notice. 

The best part? The price tag is significantly lower. Many roof tile distributors offer seconds programs, so be sure to ask! You’d be surprised what a little imperfection can do for your wallet.

But if you’re looking for guaranteed Japanese clay roof tiles, you’re already at the right website. Call us – the roofing pros: BITC Rooftiles!

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