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The Famous Klinker Tiles from Spain, in the Philippines!

Cobert clay roof tiles

Your Favorite Cobert Clay Roof Tiles: Klinker Tiles From Spain, Is Now Here In The Philippines!

Have you heard of the famous Klinker Tiles from Cobert Clay Roof Tiles manufactured all the way from Spain?

If you have, and you’re already planning to install these one-of-a-kind Tejas Cobert roof tiles in your residential or commercial property in the Philippines— BITC Roof Tiles, the country’s #1 roof tile distributor, can provide clients with authentic imported roof tiles from different parts of the world. And the Klinker Tile series is just one of the many roofing tiles we carry in our company.

The Cobert Clay Roof Tiles is notorious for mixing traditional roof styles with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. So if you’re someone who appreciates European attributes in architecture, the Tejas Cobert roof tiles are perfect for your project!

There is a lot of roof tiles series under the international Cobert Clay Roof Tiles, and Klinker is one of the more recognized ones in the roofing industry. BITC Roof Tiles has Klinker, Logica, and more. It’s one of the most requested roof tiles from us over recent years.

But we could say that the Klinker series is definitely a crowd-favorite. And we understand. Its aesthetic combined with novel H-cassette manufacturing technology for stability and durability is clearly a good investment to make for years to come.

Here are the three Klinker tiles worth noting if you need roof installation or roof replacement done:

1. Klinker K2 and Merdidional

Two beautiful roof tile designs with a traditional curved and flowing pattern. Definitely fits the bill for a traditional Filipino home roof tile, but with better longevity and performance than most. It’s resistant to extreme weather conditions, as most of the Cobert Clay roof tiles are.

2. Klinker K3

An elegant flat roof style with the same traditional European roof color scheme. All three are made available for your projects with BITC Roof Tiles.

No wonder why Klinker series is everyone’s favorite. These roof tiles are ideal for extreme weather conditions, suitable for high mountain climates and one of the products of state-of-the-art technology that can complete your roofing project elegantly and efficiently.

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