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The 3 Best Roser Stone Coated Steel Roofing From Korea

Stone Coated Roofing Philippines

Have You Ever Tried To Use Roser Stone Coated Steel Roof For Your Roofing Project In The Philippines?

Looking for a fresh roofing material for your new project? We’ve got your roof covered! Give stone coated roofing Philippines a try! It’s a reputable choice from roof specialists at BITC Roof Tiles, and its approved by hundreds of our clients who love their new stone coated roofing.

At BITC Roof Tiles, we especially love the Roser stone coated roofing Philippines that’s made of quality zinc-aluminum alloy coated with high-grade roofing stone granules. It’s one of the largest roof manufactures in Korea, brought to you by BITC Roof Tiles Philippines.

The Roser stone-coated steel roof is lightweight, resistant to the elements, future-proof, and quite the sight. It places a lot of emphasis on style and curb appeal, and it’s definitely a great investment for homeowners and developers alike.

While there are a lot of Roser products that we offer— here are our top three Roser steel favorites:

A Mediterranean-style roofing that’s classy and graceful. Being the most popular out of the Roser bunch, Cleo tiles definitely stand out with their unique two-tone color and charismatic appeal.

With a more up-to-date roofing, Rowood 016 takes on an innovative way of not requiring wooden battens to be installed on wood-structured houses. This way, you can save on manpower, fees, labor, and even residual wastes! Unlike the usual asphalt shingles, this also doesn’t stick to underlayment.

The angles of Stonewood shake by Roser is designed to meet in a horizontal fix that resists the damage of serious phenomena like hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as strong rain and wind. Stonewood shake can also handle extreme heat and cold, so it’s pretty advisable for the unpredictable Philippine weather.

If you want more options for stone-coated roofing Philippines, we’ve got more Roser products that might pique your interest. Head right on to Products page, or call us today!

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