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7 Things to Know About Thatched Roof Before Getting Them in Hot Countries

7 Things to Know About Thatched Roof Before Getting Them in Hot Countries

Wondering What's the Best Characteristics You Should Look for Thatched Roof?

Ever dreamed of getting that rustic, vintage look that a thatched roof give? The thatched roof just gives those countryside-home vibes, do not you just love it? In addition to being the quintessential thing for when you plan to get a rustic, medieval-looking home, it’s also an amazing option when you want something eco-friendly! In essence, thatched roofs provide a lot of benefits, however, there are things that you should know before you take on this type of roofing!

Lack of knowledge and blind buying it without first learning how it should be maintained will just lead to a costly disaster, and nobody wants that, right? Especially in hot countries, where the climate has an effect on how thatched roofs operate.

Fear not, for here are 7 things that we think you should definitely know about thatched roofs

before getting them installed in countries with a hot climate!

1. Excellent for insulation in any climate

Let’s cut straight to the chase, this type of roof, thatched roofs, provide stellar insulation. Whether it be in the winter or in the summer, thatched roofs will keep it warm and cold, respectively! Because of this, you can potentially save up a lot of moolah on air conditioning or heating bills, and even the hassle and the headaches of getting one in the first place!

thatched roof insulation roof

2. Get your house fully checked for electrical

Faulty wiring is most definitely a cause for concern when dealing with thatched roofs! If wires are not properly maintained and organized, the possibility of fires happening from electricity will be much higher, and if you mix that with thatched roofs, that’s a whole roof gone in a matter of minutes! So, speak with your electrical insurer to get your place checked!

thatched roof electrical wiring

3. Environmentally-friendly

We have mentioned this in brief previously, but here it is again; yes, these are a great option for when you want to go green with your roof! In fact, it is the most environmentally best option for roofing! The materials used are naturally grown and harvested without the need for external machinery or processing. And of course, it is sourced from local, natural areas!

4. Great durability

Thatched roofs might seem fragile and easy to decay, however, that is simply not the case! Thatched roofs are actually greatly durable and can last for a long time of up to 65 years! That’s almost a whole lifetime! It will all depend on how it’s properly maintained, of course!

durable thatched roof

5. Get professionals to do it

If you ever opt for thatched roofs, get a professional, like us, to do it! Thatching is an ancient craft passed down for many generations now, and mastery of the skill is only acquired over time and experience. If you hire someone with amateur experience, there is a chance it won’t live up to its life expectancy! Hire professional thatcher for your project.

6. Converse with your thatcher

If you ever do get a professional to do the job, talk to them! Know about what they are doing, and talk to them about your roofing, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with striking up a conversation with your expert to know more about your precious roof. If you talk to them, you’ll sure to have more knowledge about the roofing and how to properly maintain it!

professional thatcher

7. Adds great character

Most houses nowadays employ modern roofs that are just too boring and has a generally uninviting appearance in an attempt to be more minimalistic. If you opt for thatched roofs, you will have a more inviting appearance to your house, plus a rustic and warm vibe to it!