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Stone-Coated Metal Roofing: Why You Should Have this in the Philippines?

stone coated metal roofing

Do You Wish to Know the Why It is Important to Have Stone Coated Metal Roofing in the Philippines?

When you first hear of metal roofing, some things might come into mind: it may be heavy, it may look dull, and in a country where intense heat dominates the climate, it may not be the most ideal choice. But what if we tell you that stone coated metal roofing are a whole different story?

These kinds of roofs are one of the most underrated in the market, despite being highly recommended by many roofing material suppliers. Believe it or not, stone-coated metal roofs can offer more than the silver gray bareness when it comes to appearance, being on par with other traditional shingles.

Also, you can’t deny the strength and longevity of metal-built products – these stone-coated steel materials are made up of rolls of steel sheets, rust-preventing coats, and finally a thick stone layer that can top off the looks. 

So, if you’re planning to call on a roof replacement or installation service, and you’re thinking if metal roofs are the right ones for you, then allow us to be of help by breaking down all there is to know about this particular roof, the pros of having this as your roof, and why you should be having stone coated metal roofing in the Philippines.

It is strong and durable

Metals are usually deemed very strong, and it isn’t any different when it comes to metal roofing. Its thick and heavy surface can withstand the ups and downs of Philippine weathers, from the scorching summer to heavy rainfalls. Also, contrary to its seemingly “heavy” weight because of its strength, the material is actually lighter than we assume – not exceeding 150 pounds per square. Lightweight and durable? Only stone coated roofs can fit those two well together.

stone coated metal roofing durable

Can last for decades

Since they are made of one of the most durable materials out there, it’s no surprise when stone coated metal roofing takes the top spots when talking about longevity and valuable investments. Their life spans are said to last for several decades – you might not even have to think about replacing your roofs for as long as it’s installed. Compared to other traditional shingles that needs constant replacement because of its light build, one can say that these metal roofs are perfect if you’re going for the long-term costs and investment.

Can add aesthetic value

Aside from doing its job well in protecting your homes, there’s one other thing that stone coated metal roofs have up their sleeves: beauty. The stone coatings come in different colors and textures that can spruce up your designs, so you won’t have to worry about a certain style not fitting your homes. Who says you can’t have the best quality roof and be able to show off its aesthetic appeal to your neighbors?

You might be thinking about how metals conduct heat, and with the sweltering temperatures of the Philippines, metal roofing may pose as a problem in the long run. Simple: they don’t. These stone coated metal roofs actually do a good job deflecting the heat coming from outside, which in turn would keep the interiors of your property cool and away from vicious UV rays. Which, of course, would somehow cut your energy bills while still being intact and functional.