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Keeping Your Investment Intact: DIY Maintenance Tips for Stone Coated Roofs

Stone coated roofing

DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Stone Coated Roofing That You Should Know!

First off, we wanna preface this by saying there is no better alternative to regular, professional maintenance for stone coated roofing. Nada!

But, you know… you can’t always have it all— there are time constraints, budget constraints, and basically all kinds of things that could steer you away from maintenance by professionals.

And in that case, you have to be ready to get your hands dirty. Here are some DIY maintenance super tips from the roof professionals

(You’re in for a ride, dear reader! A magician never reveals their secret, but we just might!)

Regular Inspections

Kick off your maintenance journey with a quick visual inspection, maybe every three months or even longer. (Like, it wouldn’t hurt to check every day, too… but we wouldn’t recommend it. Your straining neck would be the one that needs maintenance next time. And that’s another problem.)

Grab a pair of your strongest binoculars and give your stone coated roofing tile a good once over. Points to check: loose or chipping tiles, bad flashing, discoloration, and anything generally out of plac

Gentle Cleaning

We reiterate: gentle— you’d be surprised how delicate these things are! These stone coated roof tiles are durable… yes, BUT a gentle cleaning already does so much. Avoid using a high-powered pressure washer to prevent cracks on the tiles. A low-setting power washer can do. Also, steer clear of harsh chemicals too!

Clear Gutters

Clogged gutters and downspouts are a definite no-no for your roof. Practice safety measures for EVERY step. (And we HIGHLY recommend hiring professional roofers just for safety).

To keep your stone coated roof in Philippines looking fabulous, follow these tips religiously and safely.

Remember, a little TLC goes a long way… even when it comes to low-maintenance stone coated roofing. And if you find you need an extra set of helping hands, don’t hesitate to call BITC Roof Tiles today.

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