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Keeping Your Commercial Roof in Check: Tips and Tricks

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Your roofs are the most expensive part of your commercial building. And trust us, if it reaches the time it breaks down, you wouldn’t want to see the end of it. 

As an establishment, you must keep your tower intact. Not only aesthetically pleasing but structurally sound as well. 

Keeping everyone safe under the roof is your responsibility as an owner, so it’s best to check on your roofs now and then so that you can more or less gauge the state it’s in.

Here are some of the things you need to check out, and preferably as soon as possible:

First. Your roof’s age is one of the more determining factors of its reliability. Its lifespan primarily depends on the type of material used, like, for example— clay roof tiles or asphalt roof shingles. Be sure to check the date— since most roofs can last you an average of 50 years.

Sure, it can go a long way before you start to worry. But if your building has been around for quite some time already, make sure to check with the professionals.

Second. In this climate, we’re all no strangers to storms. We weather them, but our roof tiles in the Philippines get their brunt. After a heavy storm, make sure to check in with your roof company to assess any damage that might need to be repaired after the calamity. Whether it’s leaks, cracks, or missing patches— there’s nothing a quick inspection can’t save!

Third. Because of their design, it’s pretty hard to inspect for leaks in commercial roofs purposely. That’s why there are some methods available to diagnose the issue! You can ask your roofer for the best way, but they’re usually found through high-tech thermal imaging or an acoustic detection system.

Need someone to inspect your roof tiles? Don’t hesitate to seek BITC Roof Tiles’ help.

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