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Is It Worth It?: Shinto Roof Tiles in the Philippines

shinto roof tiles philippines

Why Shinto Roof Tiles is the Hype in the Philippines?

Another day, another “Is it Worth It?” by BITC Roof Tiles! A little background: we’re basically going to judge whether a roof tile would be worth investing in, considering the Philippine context. And right now— we’ve got our sights set on Shinto roof tiles Philippines!

A little background, Shinto roof tiles originated from old world Japan— and they are an architectural sight to see, that’s for sure!

One might think that traditional roofing isn’t the way to go nowadays, and that’s perfectly fine. We all have our own tastes! However, for clients who prefer the classical look rather than the ultramodern trend— this is definitely a great option. Japanese roof tiles like Shinto and Kinki roof tiles exude a certain old-world and vintage charm that’s unique to it.

Best part is, the material doesn’t have to be outdated as well. You can keep the traditional look, while enjoying the benefits of developed manufacturing. Basically, the best of both worlds.

So, if you ask us whether we think that the Shinto roof tiles are worth it:

Short answer, yes. The roofers at BITC Roof Tiles are definitely partial to it.

But would it thrive in the Philippine conditions?

Also yes. Since Shinto roof tiles Philippines are waterproof, they’re great for the rainy seasons. It won’t let collective moisture ruin your roofs so easily. And, it doesn’t absorb heat so it would make your summers a tad bit cooler.

Plus, we think they’re very stylish— in the most objective way we can see. It’s minimalistic, traditional, and has 110% curb appeal. We’ve seen it, and we’ve installed it; both Shinto and Kinki roof tiles. They perform amazing and look amazing on every home as well.

Looking for trusted Japanese roof tiles suppliers? Well look no further, and contact BITC Roof Tiles right now!

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