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Is It Worth It?: Installing Concrete Roof Tiles

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BITC Roof Tiles is coming to you with another “Is It Worth It?” blog! Today, our primary argument is whether or not a concrete roof tile is worth your money as roof tiles Philippines.

And we’ve got a lot to say about you, concrete! And we’re not pulling any punches…

Kidding! Concrete roof tiles aren’t all that bad, really. Although (spoiler alert!), they’re not the most suited roofing material for the Philippine setting.

While we believe this type of roof tiles are not exactly ideal here, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a bad choice everywhere.

We’ll explain why, eventually. But first, we’ll list out the advantages that roof contractors approve of:

  1. They’re eco-friendly! While its materials are not exactly biodegradable, it’s their manufacturing process that takes the cake for being environmentally-friendly. Since this roofing material is entirely natural, no harmful chemicals are used in mass production.
  2. Also, they’re very versatile. Did you know that concrete roof tiles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes? Concrete roof tiles Philippines can also be made to look like wood or slate. Cool, right?

And here’s why we usually don’t recommend them:

  1. They absorb water. Point being, they’re not weather-resistant. Very vulnerable to the elements. Bouts of hot sunshine or heavy rain are bound to take a huge toll on the appearance and functionality of concrete roof tiles. And that’s not ideal considering the weather in the Philippines.
  2. Not wind-resistant. If there’s something that’s prevalent here in the country’s weather, it’s the wind. And it can get quite strong whenever there’s a typhoon. If there’s an instance when your property is at the wrong place at the wrong time, there’s a possibility that the tiles might fly off the roof. Literally.

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