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Is It Worth It: Ceramic or Clay Roof Tiles?

clay roof tiles

Ceramic Vs. Clay Roof Tiles: Which will win?

Welcome to another blog of ‘Is It Worth It?”… where a bunch of roofers decide which is which in the industry. And today, we’re taking on the popular debate “Ceramic vs Clay Roof Tiles”.

Today, we’ll be deciding whether which is better in the Philippine context. Both are known reliable roof tiles, and a lot of roof contractors carry them– so either is a popular choice. Now, the problem lies in which to choose.

Here’s how it’ll go: we’ll list out the pros and cons of each, and then we’ll tell you the verdict. Sound good? Let’s start!


  • They’re generally more lightweight. Easier to carry around, install, and for the framework of your home to hold it up.
  • They’re waterproof. It would save you a lot of money in water damage and mold cleaning over time if ever worse comes to worst.
  • They’re noise-insulated. If hearing the pitter-patter of rain, or the noise outside your home is a dealbreaker for you, then ceramic roof tiles should be a perfect choice.
  • They’re also fire-resistant within the standard regulations.



  • The installation process is a bit complex. You’ll need professional roofers like us at BITC roof tiles!


  • Long lifespan. If you have clay roof tiles, it can remain intact for over a century with proper maintenance.
  • A tried and tested choice, and since they’re so popular they have a wider variety of sizes and a lot of roofers can accommodate you in installing this.
  • This is great for traditional edifices, especially with its rustic charm.



  • Difficult to install as it is heavy.
  • More expensive

In conclusion, there is no better way to go about it. It all depends on your preferences and budget, but either is a good choice. If you need ceramic or clay roof tile installation, call BITC Roof Tiles.

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