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How to Survive Philippine Heat with the Right-Colored Roof

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We Filipinos are no stranger to the blazing heat in the summer. Even rainy seasons are no exception! Generally, it’s way hotter inside the house than it is outside. And from a roof specialist Philippines— we can confirm that it might have a lot more to do with the color of your roof.

Yes. You read that right! Let’s apply basic science to support it. Since we all know that black (or darker colors) absorb more heat than white (lighter colors)— we’ve been advised as kids not to wear dark-colored clothing in the summer. The same applies to our roof colors. Since it’s exposed to broad daylight, choosing darker colors might insulate your home more and more as it absorbs more heat from the sun. And we couldn’t imagine that to be a pleasant experience.

Looking for a roof specialist? So what do we do? Easy.

Lighter colors reflect heat rather than absorb it, so if you want a cooler temperature inside your home— this could be a quicker, much less expensive solution than turning on the AC 24/7. 

And this is a pretty great tip for homeowners, especially since houses in the Philippines mostly sport a dark red or dark brown roofing. 

To put it simply, the fix is to paint your roof with light colors or to have a naturally light-colored roofing material to regulate the temperature inside your home. 

However, certain types of roofing materials also impact heat absorption. Case in point, metal roofs. They’re naturally reflective, so heat would quickly bounce off of them. Meanwhile, some roof materials are naturally heated insulating— so it’s best to do your roofing research before deciding on roof installation.

If you realize that you need a drastic color change, BITC Roof Tiles can help you stay excellent all year round. Whether it’s roof repainting or installing, talk to our roofing specialist!

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