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How to Know if You Hired a Reliable Roofing Contractor in the Philippines

Roofing contractors in the Philippines

Looking for Trustworthy Roofing contractors in the Philippines?

While you may have a lot of options when choosing your roofing contractors in the Philippines, not every contractor you come in contact with is reliable— or even authorized, for that matter.

Some roofing companies operate without a permit, or even worse, they work on your roof without credentials or even proper training. While some of these roofing contractors may actually do an excellent job on your roof, when your roof’s functionality goes south because of a botched roofing installation, there’s usually no warranty you can fall back on.

The usual ending… disappointed homeowners will shell out thousands of pesos AGAIN just for another roof replacement. And they’ll be more careful about which contractors to choose this time.

And most of the time, it’s not their fault— scam companies can get very creative nowadays, especially with the rise of the internet. Some are really great at sweet-talking and getting unsuspecting clients to trust them.

And unfortunately for us, we have to become more and more vigilant to not fall prey to these.

Here are three ways you can tell if you hired a reliable roofing contractor:

1. Offers reasonable warranty

If you’re getting any roof repair or roof installation done on your property, roofing contractors in the Philippines usually offer a warranty of about 2 or more years. Be wary of roof contractors that offer you only a couple of months of warranty, or worse, none. Legitimate roofing contractors are secure in their workmanship, hence the extended warranties they give out to their clients.

2. Increased Curb Appeal

Answers your questions knowledgeably? Check. Doesn’t pressure you into making decisions? Check. Has an extensive portfolio, as well as testimonies by other clients? Check.

Don’t be shy to raise your standards in picking roofing contractors in the Philippines.

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