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How to Close More Roofing Projects This 2023

Roofing contractor in the Philippines

Tips On Closing More Roofing Projects For 2023

Roofing is an enduring industry, however, the market is not always reliable. There will be slow months and busy periods, so a steady stream of projects coming in is a good sign for your business. But, this is not always achievable… unless you put in the work. If you’re a roofing contractor in the Philippines eyeing more projects this 2023, listen up!

The truth is… quality work doesn’t always cut it, unfortunately. In a generation where there are hundreds of options in roofing at the click of a button, and that’s including roofing contractors, it may be harder to put yourself out there.

But with the right strategy, you can be successful in standing out and closing more roofing projects this year!

Know Your Market

Are you having a hard time setting the seal on your deals? Then maybe you simply don’t know what your target market is. If you’re going for affordable yet quality roofing materials in the Philippines, then you will attract clients like so. 

However, if you offer premium roofing services, you’ll attract affluent and premium roofing projects as well. Focus on your target market and you’ll see better results.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Owning business accounts on every single social media platform known to man is not enough. Being active on your platform and producing quality content can expand your exposure to a larger client base. And with countless roofing contractors on social media, useful and valuable content can really set you apart from the crowd.

Showcasing completed projects in platforms like Facebook and Tiktok, or giving out roofing tips on Youtube can be a great help for a roofing contractor in the Philippines to gain more prospective customers this 2023.

These tips are all tried and utilized by us at BITC Roof Tiles, and the potential of these approaches only gets bigger this 2023.

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