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Does Stone-Coated Roofing Increase Your Home’s Value?

Does Stone-Coated Roofing Increase Your Home’s Value?

Wondering Whether Stone-Coated Roof Tiles Can Add Value To Your Home's Roofing?

A good question to ponder. Does a stone-coated roof increase the value of your home?

Honest admission: probably no roofing material universally decreases the value of your home. Just think that any roof is better than no roof.

But, but— there are some roofing materials that can cause residential value to rise by a certain threshold. Not anything crazy, but definitely enough to get good money for resale.

Naturally, a more expensive roofing investment is congruent to better resale value. Especially when your roof is well-maintained and taken care of throughout the years. As everyone knows, roofing is a big part of your residential property, and it can set the tone for pricing and value.

Stone coated roofing leans towards the more expensive side when it comes to upfront costs in roof installation, but you reap all the benefits (1) when you’re actually living in your home (2) and when you’re pricing property value. Generally, the pricing perception will also lean toward the higher side, since stone-coated metal roofing is pricier, performs better, and is adequate for weathering the Philippine climate.

Here’s how you can increase property value even more over time, stone coated roof or not:

Regardless of the roofing material you have, its installation can make or break it. Faulty or poor installation can lead to a constant stream of problems, even with the highest quality materials. Choose your roofer wisely.

Maintaining your roof can do wonders. With regular maintenance, your stone coated rooftiles will most likely look and perform like the first day it was installed.

Some may call playing it safe, but choose the usual roofing material in your neighborhood like stone coated roofing. It’s probably the enduring material in terms of climate and condition.

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