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Can You Walk on Your Clay Roof Tiles PH?

Can You Walk on Your Clay Roof Tiles PH?

Walking On Your Clay Roof Tiles In The Philippines? Is That Really Possible?

Actually, it’s not a matter of can… It’s a matter of whether you should actually be walking on your clay roof tiles.

Well, the short answer is no. Don’t do it if it’s not necessary. Never ever ever go up on your roof unless it is strictly crucial. Here’s what you should do instead:

  • If the roofing issue is solvable without going up on your roof and stepping on your tiles, then we suggest you do so safely on the ground.
  • Call your local roofer. They have the safety harnesses and tools necessary for ensuring safety while working on the roof.
  • If you do go on, don’t step on damaged roof tiles. And don’t climb up when the tiles are wet either.
  • Use shoes with good traction. Walk slowly and balance your weight, careful not to put too much pressure on your tiles.
  • But really— just call the professional roofers.

Now that we got the immediate ‘no’ out of the way, we’ll tell you why it’s a bad idea to put your weight on your clay roof tiles.


Your Tejas Cobert clay roof tiles might be doing an awesome job at handling heavy rains or strong winds… but they’re not the best at performing against compressive strength. Clay is pretty fragile when stepped on or mishandled. That’s why roof contractors take extra care of them during installation, which is a hard task considering how heavy they are.


Precautionary measures are paramount for going up safely on the roof. But more often than not, only professional roof contractors have these kinds of tools since going up is a hazard. And of course, your safety is ALWAYS the most important thing.

To minimize damage to your clay roof tiles and to keep yourself safe during the whole ordeal, it’s best to call a professional roofer who can meet your needs.

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