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BITC Roof Tiles: The Practical Benefits of Choosing Our Roof Tiles

BITC Roof Tiles: The Practical Benefits of Choosing Our Roof Tiles

Are You Looking For A Reliable And Trustworthy Roof Tile Company Near You?

Hey, hey, hey neighbors! You probably landed on this blog because you wanted the inside scoop on the BITC Roof Tiles, the leading roof tile company in the region.

When it’s time to install or replace the roof tiles in your home-slash-commercial building— without a doubt, you’ll hear many roofing contractor options tossed around.

But know this… nobody does roofs like us at BITC.

For starters, our internationally sourced roof tiles from all over the world offer unparalleled quality— and you can get your hands on your very own ones right here in the Philippines.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me ask you a question: what keeps you up at night when it comes to your roof? Do you stress about leaks when it rains? Or if your roof tiles are still holding on after a pretty bad storm?

We feel ya. But you shouldn’t sweat it anymore. Check this out…

Quality Like No Other

We’re a fun bunch, but we don’t mess around when it comes to the quality we offer. You can rest assured that every roof tile we give out is top-of-the-line, high-quality stuff. No cracks, no chips when they get to you.

We’re super confident, too. Our 75-year-long warranty is proof of that.

Options on Options

We’re as legit as a roof tiles supplier can get. Certified, licensed, registered— check, check, check. If you want foreign material for your home, there’s no better company to get it from.

We’ve partnered with international manufacturers for original terracotta, Cobert Claythatch, and ShintoEuropean roof tiles… and you can check the rest out on our page! And under that, we’ve got more styles and colors for you to choose from, like a gift that never ends!

And, not to mention, our customer service is pretty top-notch. You get a free quote from the best roof tile company right here on our website.

Send us your complete roof plan at if you want a roofing quotation for your next project. You can reach us through our websiteFacebook, or by calling us via:

Telephone Numbers:

(02) 8856 4655
(02) 8397 9784

Cellphone Number:

(+639) 17-894-5067
(+639) 33-811-3715