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3 Ways To Spot A Bad Roofing Job In Under 5 Minutes

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High-quality Roof Tiles Can Be Negated When You Hired the Wrong Roofing Company To Do the Job

Not all roofing jobs are made equal. They’re not always pretty, and they’re not always done right. (Especially if legitimate contractors like us do not do them!) Your roof tiles can sag, and some sections can look way more different than others.

A new roof installation can be an exciting event for a homeowner— but unfortunately, it’s not always a happy occasion. Structures may look perfectly fine at first— but if at least a year after the project, you are not satisfied with the roof, this might be a cause for concern.

So, how do you spot a lousy roofing job? Simple. A quick visual inspection can help you determine if you’re a terrible roofing installation in under 5 minutes.

1. Check the Roofline

Check the lines your roof tile makes. Are they beginning to droop?

If they’re anything other than whip straight— then it’s confirmed. We’ve got a problem in our hands. It means that the roof framing or roof decking might have structural issues.

Roof Leak

2. Check for Inconsistent Sections.

Are there any portions in your roof that might suggest an inconsistent installation, such as different colored roof tiles at some parts or a seemingly distinctive kind of roofing material? Your roofer might have employed other materials in your roof to finish it without delay, most probably due to a lack of supplies. 

polymer sand tiles

3. Check for Wear and Tear.

Are your roof shingles coming loose? If a large part of these shingles is cracked, curved, or damaged— it’s a glaring sign of bad installation on your roofer’s part. Also, inspect for streaking. They’re usually dark-colored lines running down your roof. Beyond being a visual eyesore— it can also indicate underlying foundational problems.

Sagging Roof Deck

At BITC Roof Tiles, we offer high-quality roofing materials and installation. We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing. Send us your complete roof plan at if you want a roofing quotation for your next project. You can reach us through our websiteFacebook, or by calling us at (02) 397-9784