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3 Ways European Roofing Can Elevate Your Home Living

Stone coated roofing

Why Several Homeowners Choose European Clay Roofing For Their Homes?

Dreaming of European living? Now you can get a taste of Mediterranean architecture, right in your home country. BITC Roof Tiles in Alabang supplies high-quality European clay roofing, straight and imported directly from Europe.

Our line of European-manufactured roofing has a variety of renowned brands, styles, and colors. All you have to do is click on the website or email us at to learn more.

We have international roofing manufacturing partners worldwide, but European roof tiles certainly take the cake as the cult-favorite among our clients.

Here’s how a European clay roof can improve your life drastically. (Like, no kidding):

1. Bragging Rights

Ha ha ha. We’re only half-serious…

But seriously, imagine saying that your home sports a European clay roof when someone asks “Your home has such a classic curb appeal!”

We say you should just take the W— since it is a pretty big investment you should be proud of! Clay roofing is a one-of-a-kind, sweeping, distinctive style that will be sure to leave your neighbors in awe.

We’re sure you will be too when it’s finally installed!

2. Durability Like No Other

Did you know that clay roofing in Europe lasts a century… and even more with proper maintenance and upkeep?

That’s right. Its serviceability and lifespan are incomparable to other common roofing materials in the Philippines. And if you’re looking for your roof to last… like, REALLY last— then your best option is definitely European roof tiles. No question about that!

3. Energy-Efficiency

Especially with the Philippines’ unpredictable weather, installing a clay roof tile is a savior for those who suffer from the ever-changing climate. European clay roofing insulates the temperature inside your home while keeping it well-ventilated. Imagine how much energy bills you’ll lower with this investment!

Sounds interesting? Get your own Europen clay roof tiles today and let professional roofer and contractor (like BITC), install it for you!

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