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3 Tried and Tested Ways to Remove Moss on Your Roof Tiles

3 Tried and Tested Ways to Remove Moss on Your Roof Tiles

Moss In Your Roof Tiles In The Philippines Is Common. Let The Experts Check It For You!

Moss has their way of growing unchecked on many roof tiles Philippines. If you’ve been seeing green stuff on your roof more and more these past few weeks, there’s a good chance they’re multiplying exponentially.

You might be wondering: where is all this moss coming from? Moss is actually pretty common in tropical countries since its growth is promoted in moist areas. So if you’re seeing moss on your roof— most likely it’s the rainy season already!

And while the appearance of moss or algae doesn’t usually constitute a threat, its effect on your roof can be rather serious if left unchecked.

Basically, ignoring the moss on your roof can lead to rather dire roof issues and a costly roof repair. It’s probably best for you to handle it while the problem is still small.

Here are three ways you can get rid of moss on your roof:

1. Wash It Away

If the moss growth is still in its early stages, you can probably wash it away with your trusty hose (not a pressure washer!) without much problem.

However, it may involve you going up on your roof, which could pose a safety risk. To be safe, hire a professional roofer for your roof cleaning!

2. Scrape It Away

If the moss has been idling around for too long, the first option may not work. The next best course of action is to scrape your roof tiles Philippines free of moss until it gleams.

There’s no getting around it. Roof tiles are particularly susceptible to moss, so you might wanna get in there or get help from a professional instead.

3. Spray It Away

A dedicated moss removal chemical can make your job way easier. Just spray it, and done!

You can seek professional services for moss growth from your local roofer, BITC Roof Tiles Philippines!

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