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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Install Your Own Roof Tiles

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Install Your Own Roof Tiles

You Might Regret Your Roof Tiles Installation DIY-ing.

Feeling adventurous enough to install your own roof tiles by yourself? As professional roof contractors, BITC Roof Tiles, we’d recommend you hold that thought first.

If you have the right tools, you’re armed with proper knowledge and experience, are equipped with safety gear, and you’re particularly good at hammering away significantly above ground level… then congrats! You’re a roofer.

Anything less… you’re better off a good distance from the roof. And before we get an angry mob of certified DIYers, we promise we have a really good reason.

Safety First!

First off, we want to start off by saying that we’re NOT doubting your capabilities at all! We’re pretty sure you could do what you set your mind to— but it’s just that roofing itself comes with a lot of risks. Being that high up without the necessary training and skills could lead to unwanted accidents that can be avoided by hiring a professional roofer.

Roofs can be slippery or unstable, and you really never know what to expect. It’s best to let pros with safety gear and insurance safely navigate your roofing tiles instead.

Quality of work

If you’re a homeowner, then you’d probably know that roofs don’t come cheap. They’re an investment of quality materials and skilled labor to ensure that you are protected from the elements.

Procuring the right materials, tools, and expertise can be challenging for a beginner. If you want your roof installed correctly and durably, hiring a trusted roofing company is always the best choice.

Not only that but DIY-ing to save money can cost you more in the long run. An incorrect installation of roof tiles may break down in a year or so, and you’d have to shell out more money to get it fixed.

Save yourself the hassle and contact the roofing pros, BITC Roof Tiles!

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